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Workforce Cyber Bullying Is the Tip of the Iceberg

June 17, 2021

With the growth of remote work, cyber bullying by coworkers has escalated. In her blog workplace coach Lynne Curry cites a report by Paycheck that 44% of employees have received disciplinary action for behavior while working remotely.

While cyber bullying in the workforce can be combated by policies restricting the use of office networks for personal posts, with penalties including dismissal for violators, this is a sign of deeper problems. Online bullying of co-workers probably signifies there was a toxic workplace even pre-COVID. Workers need a workplace where employees show mutual respect and support, and management must make this a company policy.

In a larger sense, the lack of respect shown in cyber bullying and other misuse of social media is a contribution to our polarized public discord. There has been too much racial, religious and political hatred, and it's not restricted to online posts. If it's too much to love our neighbors as ourselves, can't we at least agree to live and let live??