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Why we partnered with Paylocity

Over the past 20+ years, The Beacon Group of Companies has supported our clients' retirement plans, employee benefits, and property and casualty insurance programs. 

When some of our clients told us about a payroll provider that helped them improve their business, we listened and took action.

We are extremely excited to announce our new partnership with Paylocity.  Paylocity is an industry leader in payroll services, HR management technology, and 360 degree integration with your Vanguard 401(k) as well as your employee health insurance platform.

Why it matters

Gain valuable insight and uncover predictive analytics about the trends and challenges influencing your role and organization.

As a Beacon client, Paylocity empowers you with the ability to effectively manage your workforce with an intuitive, highly configurable solution that unifies applications, including:

• Payroll
• Human Resources
• Tax and Compliance
• Talent Management
• Time and Attendance
• Onboarding

• Benefit Administration
• Employee Engagement Tools
• Expense Management
• Applicant Tracking
• Surveys
• Dashboards and Analytics

What this means for our clients

Together with Paylocity, our new partnership offers you:

  • Professional retirement plan consulting services.*
  • CEFEX Certified 3(21) Advisor and 3(38) Investment Manager services.  To simplify, select, and protect your investment decisions.*
  • 360o payroll integration with your retirement plan.  Now both systems can communicate and transact directly without manually uploading spreadsheets.
  • Simplify the way your organization processes changes to employee savings rates, loans, and distributions.
  • Save time on retirement plan administration and manage your risk.
  • Paylocity’s advanced technology allows for complete HR management, in addition to payroll services.

* Offered through Beacon advisors

Beacon Clients New to Paylocity Receive

30% Discount on New Services

LPL Financial and The Beacon Group of Companies are separate entities from Paylocity and Vanguard. 

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